Disposable Art

This project was a new direction and entered into uncharted territory for me as I have taken on the realm of abstraction. Prior to this I have only created an abstract image here and there and with no real meaning behind them. Currently, this series of images is growing far more than I had originally anticipated which has only deepened my personal attachment to it. 

My original intent of the series was to base the images in liquid and have each one act as a representation of an emotion that I was experiencing. Simple enough, right? This project has turned into so much more than simple abstracts, it has been journey towards a greater self discovery. I have learned that life throws us curve balls and well deal with them in a multitude of different ways. This roller coaster of life’s trials has been a great source of inspiration that goes well beyond photography as I have become more aware of my own emotions while trying creating a visual representation of them. 

Going beyond photography means that I have to physically create something to capture an image of in the first place. I see this part of the project as disposable art since once I am satisfied that I have captured the image successfully the experiment is then discarded physically but the emotion is also discarded metaphorically along with it. Each piece is symbolic of letting things go and moving on to the next challenge. I have found that creating art outside of the digital realm is quite rewarding and even if the piece doesn’t last it is immortalized in digital form. 

The images consist of predominately liquid elements of varying viscosities and states from frozen to on fire.  Liquids used include things such as paint, food coloring, milk, oil and even balsamic vinegar.  This project is ever growing and something I will revisit again and again.