Noun   rev•er•ie

1. A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream

The work in this series is the combination of both photography and digital manipulation.  This is composite art as each image is the combination of multiple photographs and textures while blending them together to create a scene that never actually existed in front of me.  All photographs used were captured in Oregon and strictly focused on wildlife of all kinds without any human portrayals. A completed piece can be made up of as few as three images and as many as thirty with dozens of additional layers to aid in the blending process.

The simplest definition of reverie is daydream.  These composite pieces embody “Reverie”.  They are my “Reverie”.  They are an intentional imperfect blending of various elements used to create what I envision. My daydreams are influenced by my experiences and what is happening in the world around me.  We are bombarded with information every day from TV, radio, social media and even strangers the street.  This “Reverie” is a reflection of how I balance the real world life that is all too often ugly with hate with something beautiful.  For me the animals are symbolic of a less complicated existence that is free from peer pressure, differing opinions and political affiliations.  Something most of us can only daydream about.   

New images from the series will be added as they are shared on our Instagram and Facebook so keep checking for new additions. All images are available for sale, please email us at for more information.