Over the course of three months we traveled on various roads into the mountains never exploring the same road twice.  Each road was within Josephine County except for one in Jackson County. Our goal with this project was to document dump sites but little did we know when we started this how much trash was actually being left in our forests.  What we found was both disheartening and disturbing.  During this three month period we only found ONE road that was not used as a dumping ground. ONLY ONE!  We found everything from household trash to piles of large animal bones mixed in with children’s toys.  Much of what we found could have been easily recycled for free or even scrapped to make a few dollars instead of using the fuel needed to drive out into nature to dump it off.  Every time we have gone into the woods we pick up what we can but it is simply too much for us to do alone. Every time we find a dump site we can’t help but ask ourselves why this is happening. Is it laziness, a “who-gives-a-damn” mentality or is it a lack of communication to inform individuals about recycling and disposal options?  We would like to see this project shared to help educate, raise concern and spread awareness so that this trend can be disrupted and greater dialog started. 

The images captured are from the following areas:

Picket Creek, Panther Gulch, Quartz Creek, Taylor Creek, Hog Creek, Kerby Mainline, Limpy Creek, Murphy Creek,  Spencer Creek, Shan Creek, Onion Mountain, Fall Creek, Squaw Creek, Eight Dollar, Stratton Creek and Savage Creek