Uncovering the Overlooked

The moments that I am capturing are not just overall landscapes but also encompass the more intimate close up shots of the environment that are often overlooked. The subject matter involves the diversity of landscapes specifically within Southern Oregon. To be more precise these images are from areas such as the pacific coastline, redwoods, river valleys, high deserts, mountain forests and wetlands. These are all places that can be visited on a day trip from my home and I feel that many people simply do not even know that some of the landscapes are even in our region or as easily accessible as they are. Everyone here sees the mountains not far off in the distance and a number of rivers as a major river runs directly through the heart of my hometown. Even the coastline is popular since it is merely two hours away and great way to beat the heat in the summer months. What people do not often realize is that we are quite close to desserts, elk filled redwoods and plains complete with wild horses, buffalo and antelope as well. 

My intent with this project is to highlight the world that is often overlooked while people are simply commuting from one location to another. Everyday I see people walking around looking at their phones or hopping on the freeway just to get to the next town as quickly as possible. People are fixated so much on their destination that they have blinders on to what is along the way. In the end I don’t want to simply document a pretty landscapes. I want to show people what could be there from my perspective.